The following curriculum was created with the help of our presenters. It was designed to provide bartenders with all of the necessary skills that today’s bars require in order to be successful in the competitive bartending landscape of today. The curriculum focuses on perfecting the fundamentals, as well as technique and bar/cocktail preparation.

“The Dance: Making it Happen Behind the Bar”
Preparing for shift, moving behind the bar, industry bar terms, Department of Health FAQ’s, walking the walk, talking the talk.

“The Performance: Hospitality and Guest Interaction”
Elevating the guest experience, attitude, handling complaints, do’s and don’ts, in the weeds, grace under pressure, etc.

“Measured & Balanced”
Jigger vs. Free Pour, Pour counts, jiggering & measuring, balancing a cocktail.

“Juices, Syrups and Saccharums”
Best practices for making and storing DOH-friendly juices and syrups.

“Cut me a Garnish”
Garnish cuts, peels, expressing and care.

“Ice a Hundred Ways”
Different types of ice, why ice is important, ice’s contribution to the cocktail, breaking down a block, stirring ice vs. shaking ice.

“Building & Stirring”
Building a cocktail in a glass, stirring, tools/ice, when and why, best practices.

“Shaking & Blending”
Locking and breaking tins, shaking styles, tools/ice, when and why, best practices, blending and frozen drinks.